Autopro has developed a standardized set of tools and methods for executing controls check out across a wide spectrum of automation projects. This solution is called CheckMate.

When used as a controls check out (pre-commissioning) tool, CheckMate prepares processes for turnover to operations for commissioning by inspecting each item against a custom checklist of tasks.

When applied as a quality assurance tool, CheckMate provides consistent checks for activities such as peer review of drawings, software FAT (factory acceptance test), graphics, etc.

The power of Autopro’s CheckMate solution is in the clear visibility of what aspects of our clients’ processes are ready for commissioning — system by system, subsystem by subsystem, and item by item. More importantly, it flags, tracks, and prioritizes deficiencies. This clarity enables focused attention to specific areas and provides the ability to stage commissioning and deficiency remediation to minimize start-up time and maximize production.