Industrial Information Technology (IT) Services


Modern industrial companies are being challenged with new issues around the design, integration, configuration, and management of their industrial networks.

The modern industrial facility has become tightly integrated with the corporate enterprise infrastructure in recent years.  Mergers and acquisitions have resulted in larger organizations made up of assets and systems of multiple smaller organizations.  This in turn has led to challenges in systems integration, information sharing, and information security.  The traditional lines between the IT and Operations departments have become blurred.

 Autopro’s Industrial IT team is able to work together integrating classic control designs with modern network, communications, and applications architectures while maintaining a secure and agile infrastructure.

Our  vendor independence allows us maximum flexibility in defining the best solutions, and our focus on proven, robust, and secure solutions enable you to operate your plant or facility without network outage, cyber security, or hardware/software compatibility concerns.

Our Industrial IT Services portfolio includes: