Managing Successful PLC-5 Migration Projects

The Allen-Bradley / Rockwell PLC-5 has recently been phased out, leaving some facilities at risk of unplanned downtime in the event of a failure. However, options exist to migrate existing systems with a minimal amount of re-wiring and re-programming. This approach minimizes risk and cost by reusing field wiring, and minimizes schedule requirements due to a decreased requirement for commissioning.

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During this webinar you will learn:

  • Four reasons to upgrade your PLC-5 systems
  • PLC-5 migration options, including advantages and disadvantages
  • Nine steps to a successful migration project

Presenter - Wes Babcock

Wes Babcock has been the Area Manager of our Fort St. John office since 2012, when the office opened. In this key role, he supports Autopro and our clients on a field services level, and has played a major role in the development of Autopro’s reputation and technical abilities within the region. Wes has extensive experience with a wide range of process automation and control systems, including Rockwell PLC-5s.

Wes obtained his Industrial Instrument Mechanic Red Seal from BCIT in 2003, and his Electrician Red Seal from Northern Lights College in 2012.

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