IEC 61511 : Where Are We Now?

As you may already be aware, part of a Process Safety Management (PSM) plan follows IEC 61511 (or the equivalent) in order to meet some of the PSM elements. According to the 2018 version of the Canadian Electrical Code, Canadian process industry players are now required to comply with IEC 61511. For Alberta this took effect February 1, and January 1 for Saskatchewan. Now that this is a requirement for all new installations, it is important to understand the essential elements for projects with and without Safety Instrumented Functions. .

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During this webinar you will learn:

  •  A brief background on the CEC and its implementation in Alberta
  • What each company will be required to develop as part of these changes
  • What every project will require going forward

Presenter - Sam Kozma

Sam has over 25 years of experience in process control, automation, safety instrumentation systems design and project execution. He has led and been responsible for automation and electrical design, process safety, and safety instrumented design and verification on a wide range of projects including BMS replacements, HIPPS design, and SIS for processes and facilities. He has solid experience in SIS implementation projects for a variety of process plants, with emphasis in the Western Canadian Oil & Gas sector. He is a Certified Functional Safety Expert (CFSE) and is a member and past chair of CSA committee C22.2 No. 0.8 – Functional Safety Involving Electronics.

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