Industrial Information Technology

Autopro understands that an ever-increasing amount of monitoring and control equipment is migrating toward Ethernet networks and PC platforms. Effective automation implementation requires robust industrial information technology (IIT) practices that are integrated into your control suite.

Our focus on proven, robust, and secure solutions enables you to operate your plant or facility without network outage, cyber security, or hardware/software compatibility concerns.

Our Industrial IT experience includes:

  • Engineering custom solutions
  • Working with all popular control systems, including Honeywell and DeltaV
  • Executing projects of all sizes (from a few weeks to multi-year support agreements) in the oil and gas, forest products, utilities, and manufacturing industries
  • Working with enabling technologies, such as OPC, COM+, and DCOM
  • Understanding and implementing industry regulatory and advisory standards, including ISA-99, ISA-95, and ISA-84

Our full-service scope of industrial IT services includes:

  • Troubleshooting and 'as found' audits
  • System selection, configuration, implementation, and integration
  • In-plant system security (segregation of process systems and areas)
  • Process to business security (defining and implementing 'touch points' between the shop floor and business systems)
  • In-sourced support agreements (our staff maintains your environment)
  • Training services, including industrial networking courses
  • Return on investment / total cost of ownership analysis
  • Key performance indicators and business/operations intelligence solutions
  • Security audits
  • Penetration testing
  • Architecture and design (physical and applications)

Finally, Autopro's vendor independence allows us maximum flexibility in defining the best solutions.