"Autopro's world-class organization is able to participate in scope development right through to project start-up. They leverage the knowledge and experience gained from previous work to continuously improve their contribution to our mill's success"

Autopro Automation Consultants Ltd. was founded in 1990 in Grande Prairie, Alberta, to meet a regional market need for high value, client focused, industrial automation project and support services. That vision and the associated client focused culture remain a key to Autopro's continued growth and success through the development of strategically located branch offices located near our valued customer's engineering centers and production assets. For over 20 years, Autopro has been providing its customers with a single point of expertise and accountability in all technologies related to industrial automation. Our unique combination of technical and process knowledge combined with documented processes and procedures, enables Autopro to deliver innovative and cost effective solutions to satisfy the most demanding customer requirements. Autopro's commitment to our valued customers is "to understand their unique business drivers and provide vendor neutral (unbiased) technical solutions that improve their competitive position, manage risk, and increase shareholder value".

Growth through Integrity, Understanding and Innovation.


What's New

2nd Annual Autopro FMPSD Robotics Golf Tournament

June 30, 2014 - Autopro was very pleased to host the 2nd Annual Autopro Fort McMurray Public School District Robotics Golf Tournament on Friday, June 27 2014. (more info)...